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JasonCR can help you with a diverse set of IT related services.

Take a look at a range of services we can offer. From Desktop support to video montage, graphic design & websites..

Contact us for further pricing information.

Computer Support

Having trouble with your desktop pc or laptop? We can offer you a solution to most of your problems. Either it be software or hardware. Remote support is also possible.

Or is your pc slow and you want to make it faster? Let us upgrade it with an SSD.

We will clone all your data from your old drive to your new SSD. Your computer will be much faster GUARANTEED.

You can bring your computer to us (appointments only) or will will gladly come to you.

Internet & Networking Support

Do you have a slow internet connection? Is it constantly breaking up? Unable to properly watch Netflix or any other streaming service? Are you in your house without a wifi signal in certain spots? Are you paying for a certain internet speed but not getting it? Do you feel that you might need more then Setar is offering you in terms customer service?


Let JasonCR take a look and offer you the best solution to your internet and networking problems. We will even contact Setar for you on your behalf if needed.


When it comes to security we all think about it but don't actively partake in it. Most of the time we just hope nothing bad will happen to our computer or files. 

But in today's world a security threat is sometimes closer then you think.

That's why it's important to have a virusscanner and proper backup to insure that the loss is at a minimum in case a breach should ever occur. JasonCR can help you with your security needs.

Cloud Camera Installation Service


Looking to secure your home without having to pay a fortune every month on alarm services? With the power of cloud cams you don't have to. All you need is a reliable internet connection at home and a phone with an internet connection. 

One time purchase of cameras.* Depending on how much you need and your all set. 

Ask us for more info. 

(Cameras are 1080P. Can be upgraded for 360 degrees vision)

Graphic Design & Video Services

Looking for a flyer or folder for your party or other festivities? Or perhaps a businesscard or new content for your website. JasonCR can create various designs for you.

Let your imagination roam free.

And now as a service we can even take your favorite recorded videos and make one awesome video out of it to show your family or friends. Check out our video montage section the menu.

We can also convert your DVD's to MP4 so that you can save them on an USB stick etc.

Ask us for more information.


Always wanted a website but thought this was to difficult or to expensive? Does the sound of registering your own domain name and or email adres give you a headache? Not to worry. Let JasonCR help you. We can do all of the above and create your dream website for you. And we can even maintain if needed. Ask us for the possibilities.

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